Short Counts

The collection of traffic data as vehicles pass a point on the roadway over a period of a few days. Surveys results can include vehicle time of day, speed, number of axels, axel spacing, and vehicle classification. Short counts can be conducted using various pieces of equipment depending on the data required and site restrictions.



Speed Surveys

The data is collected by using tubes, buried loops, Laser gun, Radar gun, or other methods. These results are used by our clients when compiling information for speed zone evaluation, crash investigation, enforcement, planning, etc.



Intersection Counts

The vehicle movement data is collected using Miovision® Video Collection Units® (VCUs).  The video analysis is done by Video Analysis Software® (VAS). This data can also be collected manually by enumerators at the site. For count capable signalized intersections, some data can be downloaded from the signal controller.



Video Based Data Collection

Miovision’s Portable video-based data collection system automates traffic data collection and report generation for these study types:

Turning Movement Counts

  • Count vehicles with classifications, pedestrians, and cyclists.


Roundabout Counts

  • Count large and/or occluded roundabouts with up to five legs.  Vehicle classification and pedestrian counts are available.


Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Counts

  • Gather volume & classification data on any road segment or expressway.  Lane-by-lane data available.


Trip Generation Studies

  • Collect data from multiple driveways and generate trip ratios.


Gap Studies

  • Measure single and combined gaps with sub-second accuracy.

ADT Studies

Provides the option to export TMC data and four separate ADT data sets in one report. Combining TMC and ADT data collection allows you to export volume and class data for each intersection leg and turning movement counts into one process.



Other data collection or study types:

In addition to the above listed services if you require data collected by different methods, or the collection of different data, such as origin destination studies, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.



Benefits to automating data collection with PeaK Traffic:

Highly Accurate Data:

Data is the building block to every traffic engineering project and highly accurate data provides the best foundations.


Viewable Video Recordings:

Video can provide insight into unusual driver behaviour or safety concerns that data alone cannot communicate.



Using the right tools allows us to work smarter and produce work more efficiently for our clients.


Your Specific Needs:

To request a proposal, a quote, or if you have any questions or comments, please Contact us for more information.


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