Pnumatic Hose Assignments

Our pneumatic hose counts are conducted by installing either our round road tubes or ‘D’ shaped hose across the roadway and connecting our TRS or Mini TRS counters.  We can collect per vehicle or data summarized by specified time period (usually 15 minute time bins).  This data can include volume, speed, classification, gap or headway.


2004                       Trans Canada Highway at Pritchard, B.C.   

We conducted a 48 hour vehicle by vehicle count providing the direction the vehicles were travelling, speed, class, time and intervals between vehicles.  This count was in conjunction with a noise study related to railway expansion.





2005                       Swan Lake to Larkin Rd (frontage Rds.) north of Vernon

We conducted hose counts at two frontage road locations.  The data was used to determine the level of warning required at railway crossings.






 2006                       Hwy 97, Bentley Road to Okanagan Lake Park

PeaK Traffic Technology Ltd. conducted project traffic data collection including one 3 week speed & class hose count and two manual intersection counts each at 3 separate intersections.  The data was used by the client both during the design process and for scheduling closures during the construction phase.




 2007                       Hilltop to Balmoral Between Sorrento and Salmon Arm

This speed and class hose count was part of the project traffic data collection.  There were also six manual intersection counts.






2008                       PG Airport Greenhouse Emissions study  

This two directional speed and class count was undertaken in conjunction with a greenhouse gas study conducted on behalf of the Prince George Airport.






 2008                       Coquhalla Hwy 5 Zopkios Rest Area

This two week, one way, one lane speed and class hose count was conducted at the southbound entrance to the rest area.  The report presented the data in several ways including average volumes for each hour of each day, a graph of volumes comparing average weekday and weekend volumes, the peak hours for each class of vehicle, the total volumes in each speed bin and the actual volumes for each hour counted.



   2008                       Coldwater Road South of Merritt

A 15 day speed and class hose count was conducted starting June 23rd.  In addition to the tables containing actual and average volumes, peak hours by class etc. two graphs were included comparing hourly volumes by direction for weekdays and for weekends.





 2008                       Road, Snake, Mortality Study Near Oliver BC

This volume, speed and class hose count was conducted for the BC Ministry of the Environment in conjunction with a snake mortality study they were conducting on White Lake Fairview Road.  There was no formal report.  The speed, class and volume data was submitted in Excel format.  In addition to our own hose count we assisted them in setting out a hose count of their own.



   2009                       North Thompson Climbing Lane Hwy 5 at McLure

A vehicle by vehicle hose count was conducted to be used for planning and design of the truck lane.  The count taken at the crest of the vertical curve showed the time, lane (direction), class, speed, number of axels, and axel spacing of each vehicle that passed during the 3 full and 2 part days of the count.




2009                       Walker Hill Climbing Lane Hwy 33, south of Kelowna

A second vehicle by vehicle hose count similar to the North Thompson climbing lanes was conducted during the same general time frame. On Hwy 33.





2010                       Westside Road South of La Casa

 One, seven day, two directional, two lane, speed and vehicle classification hose count on Westside Road about 36 km south of Hwy 97 (near Okeefe Ranch).






2010                       Kamloops Gap Study

The data for this study was collected over a 3 day period.






2012                       Hwy 97, Quesnel Area

For this data collection 2 Mini TRS counters and 1 full TRS counter were set out in addition to 4 loop counts and 2 manual intersection counts.






 2012                       Lac Le Jeune Road, Kamloops Area

This contract called for 2 hose counts collecting speed and class data just outside the Kamloops boundary.






 2012                       Chilliwack

In Chilliwack we collected 7 day speed and class counts at 5 locations.





















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