Other Assignments

2005 – 2010          Map Search Digital Filing

This was a special project.  We were asked to determine the criteria for map search software designed to locate and open digital highway project drawings and other related documents.  This application is now in use and being populated on an ongoing basis.



 2007                       Paper File Move

A Provincial government office with extensive paper files was moving to a new building.  For this assignment we were asked to facilitate moving these files to the new building while maintaining their availability for the office and their consultants.  We documented and boxed these files, then systematically stored the boxes in such a manner that any file could be easily retrieved.  In the new building we removed the files from the 425 boxes and arranged them in the rolling file cabinet system.



2012                       Big White Laser Speed Survey

This Laser Speed survey was conducted at 4 locations to ascertain vehicle speeds approaching the bottom of the hill, on the hill, at the top of the hill near the intersection with Big White Road and on the level beyond the top of the hill.







2013       Okanagan Hwy 97

                500m north of Westridge Rd

                South of Vernon

This 2 directional Laser Speed Survey captured 625 vehicles noting their speed, vehicle type and the lane they were in.  All vehicles fell into one of 4 classifications. 



2013                       Cariboo Hwy 97

                                70 Mile House

This 2 directional Laser Speed Survey captured only heavy trucks by direction.  The data was copied into an Excel workbook that calculated the basic statistics.  There were 102 speeds collected during the 5 hour survey

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