Manual Count Assignments

Although video data collection is gaining popularity for collecting intersection movement data, the manual count can still be the better choice for unusual requirements.


 2005       North Thompson River Connector Rd (‘Halston Connector’) at Salish Rd

The intersection was equipped with pedestrian activated signals.  The intersection count was needed to test the warrant for a fully signalized intersection.






2006       Hwy 97A at Rosedale Ave., Armstrong

Rosedale Ave. intersection was one of the four intersections counted for this project.  The others intersections, all on Hwy 97A, were Pleasant Valley Cross Road, Powerhouse Road (south end) and Harding Road.






2007       Trans Canada Highway at Cedar Dr, Highlands Dr intersection, Hilltop to Balmoral Project, Between Sorrento and Salmon Arm

This intersection was one of the six intersections counted for this project.  The others intersections, all on the Trans Canada Hwy 1, were Hilltop (South), Hilltop (North), Centennial, Greer Rd and Balmoral, Notch Hill Rds.







2007       Trans Canada Highway at Willow Road, Hoffman’s Bluff

This intersection was one of the four low volume intersections counted for this project.  The others intersections, all on the Trans Canada Hwy 1, were Stoney Flats Rd, Ponderosa Pines RV Park and Pine Acres Rd.






2007       Notre Dame at Summit Dr, Kamloops

The purpose of this intersection count was to evaluate the queuing on the westbound exit No. 370 ramp from the TCH to the intersection of Notre Dame with Summit Drive and to provide vehicle and pedestrian movement counts at the intersection.  There were concerns that the ramp queues were backing up too close to vehicles still travelling at highway speeds.




2008       HWY 97A, Pleasant Valley Cross Road to Lansdowne Road (Armstrong)

These were some additional counts for this project to aid in the investigation of a design proposal to allow several properties to access the highway at one location.







2008       TCH at Cariboo 97, Cache Creek

This was a project related, 7 hour, manual intersection count.







2009                       Pritchard, Stoney Flats

This classification survey including the intersection and convenience store accesses was conducted during the design phase to help evaluate design options.







2011       Conklin Alta, Origin Destination License Plate Survey

This OD survey had enumerators collecting observations at 6 sites.














2012                       Hwy 97 A at Eagle Rock Rd

This was a standard 7 hr turning movement count, with 2 vehicle classifications plus pedestrians and cyclists. 






2012                       Hwy 97, Quesnel Area

For this data collection there were 2 intersection counts with the following classifications:

  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Trucks (Single unit and larger including buses)
  • Pedestrians 

Also included in the contract were 3 hose counts and 4 loops counts.


2013                       Cariboo Hwy 97, Williams Lake

This pedestrian only count collected pedestrians crossing Hwy 97 in Williams Lake from Western Avenue to beyond Toop Road.


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